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7th Grade Refelection


When I first arrived in 7th grade I expected it to be easy to manage getting straight A’s, sports, and my social life. But I soon realized that I could barely even mange two of the three things I had planed to mange.

By the end of the first semester homework had taken over my life. I was staying up till 11:30 just to get it all done. On a good night I would only have to stay till 10. I would also have to wake up at about 6:45 every morning, so I was always exhausted. But the worst part of having so much homework was that some nights I had to skip soccer practice just to get it all done. Even now I can hardly manage it all.

There are perks to being in seventh grade though. Like you get to take a language and play on the sports teams and many more electives! Some fun things I have learned are: How to create a blog, speak Spanish, and I am currently learning genetics in science and I find it very interesting. I have also learned that when studying for a test to write it down to help me remember it better and to make flashcards.

Overall seventh grade has been has been a fun experience. I have: Learned Spanish, met new friends, participated in sports, and learned new and exciting things that set me on the path to a great future!

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It was the most important game of the entire tournament. Everyone was jittery and trembling. We knew that if we lost this game we wouldn’t advance to play on Sunday-and we defiantly wouldn’t advance to state. There was no way we would let that happen.

We started the game off pretty good. We had a strong attack and our defense was doing a good job keeping the ball away from our keeper. Everything was going smoothly. We had some great chances that we weren’t able to put away. But we weren’t going to give up.we started to think that we were going win as soon as we put the ball in the back of the net-that’s when the other team scored.

We were so upset. But we didn’t give up. The first half carried on. We played hard but we hadn’t put the ball in their goal. My coach sub me off for a couple of minutes. When he put me back in I played harder then ever. With one minute left in the first half the outside mid passed it back to me and-BAM! I hit it with my right foot and it soared into the back of the net! The crowd roared with excitement! I could hardly believe it!

As soon as they kicked it off again the referee blew the whistle for half time. We came back in the second half stronger then ever. We scored in the first ten minutes making it 2-1! We thought we had it in the bag, but in about the last 5 minutes the other team scored, making 2-2.

We had to go into over time because there had to be a winner in this game to know who advances. We played two ten minutes halves of overtime. During the first ten minute half we played hard but couldn’t put the ball into the net.

Right off the bat in the second ten minutes we scored, making 3-2! Then we held on through the rest of the game, not giving them a single chance to score!

The referee blew the final whistle and the parents went wild (well our team parents did)! We had won! We advanced to play Sunday! If we won on Sunday we would go to state!

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The Beautiful Game

Stepping on the field
This belongs to me
It is where
I am in control.

Long before I came here
I have prepared for this day
I reach down
Pluck the grass from the earth
Feel the energy of the moment

Nothing else matters now
It’s only about this
This is the beginning
The beginning of something great

Walk to the centerline
Turn and view the pitch.
The others who stand with me
In this battle
Prepared for what is to come.

I see the same in them
As I feel
No one else understands
They cannot share this

This is our fight
It is our moment
It is what we know
What we live for

The whistle sounds
Ball advances
It has begun

The Beautiful Game

I love this poem because it describes the game almost perfectly. I agree with the writer that it is like a battle and no one else understands. It is what we live for and, to me anyway, is a beautiful game. This poem represents my favorite hobby and it also represents a part of me. This poem titled The Beautiful Game is by a poet named Joseph Furdeck.


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Challenge Week Four and Five: Media and a Memory


When I was little, I just couldn’t live without the Disney movie Home on the Range. I’m not sure if you have ever heard of it, but I loved it! It was one of the most entertaining movies I had ever watched as a little kid. It had talking barnyard animals and took place in the old west.

While I watched it, I felt happy and like I was in another world, a fun one with talking cows who could make me laugh all day and it had a joyful ending, which I always love happy endings.

I loved watching Home on the Range and getting carried away into a different world. Without it the younger version of me wouldn’t have been as creative and wouldn’t have had such a big imagination.


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Challenge week 3:Favorite Apps


I don’t really like to go on my iPad, but when I do my favorite apps are 1.Instagram 2.Snapchat 3.Ibooks 4.Netflix and 5.Pintrest

1.Instagram is my favorite app. It is so addicting. It “calls” to me with a bing-a-ling, telling me that I have a message. I can never focus on my homework with my iPad sitting next to me, knowing that Instagram is just sitting on it waiting for me to go on it and look at the thousands of pictures that people post so that people can see them and like them.

2.My next favorite app is Sanpchat. The little white ghost appears at the top of my screen, and I tap on it . Yellow and little bit of white, just enough to to form the white ghost that is the Snapchat logo, lights up my screen. I press and hold the newest snap chat I received from my friend. She is making a weird a face, to respond to the weird face that I sent her. This can go on for hours!

3. Next on my list is iBooks. It’s just books, books, books, and more books! The “shelves” are packed with all the books you can think of! Also when you finish reading all the books you have you can just go to the online book store and buy another book. Plus it’s cheeper to buy a book on my iPad then it is to buy a book in a store.

4.Netflix is probably my next favorite app. It is packed with all kinds of TV shows and movies. They have many genres such as Fantasy, documentaries, horror, humor, romance, family, and more! There are over a thousand movies and TV shows to chose from! Also you can get them instantly!

5.My last favorite app is Pintrest. If you need a laugh you can go to the humor section on Pintrest. If you want to want the latest fashion trends are just go to the fashion section on Pintrest. Or if you want to find out some tasty, but healthy, foods are you can go to the health and fitness section. No matter what it is you are you looking for, I bet you can find it on Pinterst!

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Student Blogging Challenge Week 2:Town Lake


Gravel crunches under my feet. A vast lake sits to one side of me while downtown Austin stands tall on my other side. There is no denying it. Town Lake is the best place to visit in Austin Texas!

Town Lake is always buzzing with activities and fun. One of my favorite things to do when I’m at Town Lake is run around it on the nice little running trail that circles the lake. The trail is always crowded with bikers, runners, dog walkers, and people who just want to walk. Even though the trail is swarming with people, you feel like you have all the space in the world! The nature around you relaxes and soothes you. Orange rock gravel rolls under your foot with each step, tall luscious green trees tower high above you, colorful flowers sprout out from the grass alongside the path, and fresh air circles all around. Town Lake is the perfect spot to go if you love the outdoors!

Another thing to do at Town Lake is to go out on the lake. Whether it’s go paddle boarding, go canoeing, or kaiaking it’s always fun to go out on the lake! My personal favorite thing to do on the lake is go paddle boarding. You get your paddle, board, and lifejacket and head out on the lake. You can go anywhere you want! I love the freedom of it! I paddle standing up until my feet ache, then I set my paddle on my board and—splash! I jump in letting the frigid water surround me. It may seem cold, but it’s perfect for the scorching weather we get in Austin! Going out onto the lake is, to me, the most fun part about Town Lake!

Like I said weather it’s running, biking, walking dogs, paddle boarding, canoeing, or kaiaking Town Lake is the perfect destination for outdoor lovers and people who just love to have a good time!

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Imagine Dragons Concert!


Wow! I thought in disbelief. What a way to end a perfect day! I can hardly believe I’m at an Imagine Dragons concert!! It was the perfect way to end a perfect day!

I had been waiting for this day since Christmas and now it was finally here! I was having a great day. I had done good on my Spanish quiz and I felt pretty confident about my English test that I took. Which was kinda surprising considering I could hardly focus.

I had an extra ticket so I brought one of my best friends with me. We got ready for the concert at my house. As soon my mom got home from work we were off!

We got there during the opening act. I don’t remember the name of the band but they were pretty good. The first thing we did was buy t-shirts. Then we headed to our seats. A little bit before the concert started my friend got hungry so we went and got some food from the concession stand. Right as we were buying our food we heard the opening song start. We panicked. We didn’t want to miss the beginning of the concert. We were going to miss it I thought as panic started to fill my body.Luckily we made it just in time!

Music blared. People sang. People danced. It was amazing! It went by in the blink of an eye. As soon as it started time speed up and it was over. But it was still the the best night ever!

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Most people really love their iPads. I for one think that my iPad is a total waste.

For starters they are supposed to to save paper and all but they don’t. I mean I barely get to use mine during class. Plus what happens if you have a really important paper or project on your iPad and your iPad breaks down the day you have to turn it in? To me iPads are totally unreliable.

Also they are a total distraction. I really hate it when I’m sitting in my room trying to do homework and it’s sitting there calling to me—especially when that ding-a-ling goes off telling me I have a text message—I can hardly resist.

I believe that iPads aren’t really good for much-except causing a destraction.

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Soccer is my escape from life


If I ever get to stressed with school. Or if my pile of problems and worries grows to big, I know that I can just step out onto that big green field and everything just disappears. Soccer is my escape from life.

To start off as soon as I put one of my feet onto the field my stress and worries just float away with the wind. The only thing that is on my mind is: what can I do to help my team win the game? Worries about homework-poof gone. Stress about a test is no longer one of my top priorities. My mind just pushes it all away.

Also I love being outside in the fresh air and I hate being cooped up inside all day. When I’m playing with the fresh air and endless space surrounding me I feel like I can actually breathe. Inside where it’s all hot and stuffy and I feel like I’m suffocating, but when I step outside and walk onto the field and start playing I feel like I can do anything, it’s the best feeling in the world.

When I play soccer I can feel my life off the field kinda disappear into nothingness, I know it’s still there but I don’t have to give much thought.

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Favorite Mistake


“Ow ow ow” I screamed. I fought as hard as I could to fight back tears—but my eyes were already burning.
I was biking with my friends when it happened. We were riding around the neighborhood, speeding in every direction. My best friend keep showing off the cool tricks she could do on her bike. We were all laughing and having a good time.
It was a beautiful day. Tall luscious green trees were swaying back and forth in a rhythmic pattern with the afternoon breeze. Birds were chirping their soothing harmony from somewhere high above in the towering trees. The soothing and relaxing smell of fresh air surrounded me, and the smell of newly cut grass lingered in the air. The day couldn’t get any more perfect!
My friends decided to ask another girl who lived in the neighborhood to join us. She lived down a culdesac. My friends went to get her, but I decided to stay at the opening to the culdesac and wait for them there. Big mistake. Here’s a tip: NEVER SEPARATE FROM YOUR GROUP—that was my first mistake and my biggest out of two mistakes I made that day.
My next mistake happened about five minutes later when I grew impatient. I decided I would try to catch up with them. I lifted my feet up to the pedals. My right foot pushed on the pedal, but it wouldn’t budge. I had both my feet on the pedals but they refused to turn in that circular pattern.
I kept trying—but it was too late.
My bike had already toppled over into the hollow hard rocky ditch, with me still on it. The first thing I noticed was the pain. My wrist felt like it had been shattered into a thousand pieces. Purple, yellow, and blue slowly formed one giant bruise on both knees.
Breath: in and out in and out my mind instructed my mouth, slowly my mind added—but my mouth didn’t want to listen. My breathes started speeding up, getting faster and faster, sprinting out of my mouth at hundred miles per hour.
Suddenly the trees weren’t as beautiful, the birds song wasn’t even close to sounding as good as it a minute ago, and the sun wasn’t as bright. The only thing I could see or hear was pain.
I screamed my friends name as loud as I could. I couldn’t get up because my bike was on top of me. It felt like a 100,000 pound weight pressed against my chest.
After about 2 minutes one of my friends finally heard me yelling and screaming and rushed to my side. When she got there the first thing she did was laugh. “Are you ok” she questioned through a bundle of laughter. I could barely understand her with all that laughter.”Ya, just get this stupid bike off me” I replied breathlesy.
In the end I was fine. I can see why my friend laughed so much before helping me out of the ditch. Looking back on it was really funny. Out of all the mistakes I have made in my life, and there has been many, this one was my favorite.

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